Knowles Lab, New York Genome Center. Computational genetics and machine learning researcher. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at UCLA Engineering. Developed software for genome sequencing, autonomous fleet management, and auto-remediation.

4yrs Java
5yrs C/C++
2yrs Python
2yrs Node.js

A comprehensive benchmarking of WGS-based deletion structural variant callers

Bioinformatics research at Mangul Lab USC. In this paper, we investigate the ability of computational methods to detect deletions, thus providing an optimistic estimate of SV detection performance as the SV detection methods that fail to detect deletions are likely to miss more complex SVs.

Benchmarking of computational error-correction methods for NGS data

Bioinformatics research at ZarLab UCLA. In this paper, we evaluate the ability of error correction algorithms to fix errors across different types of datasets that contain various levels of heterogeneity and different domains of biology, including immunogenomics and virology.

Deep Learning-Based Image Segmentation of Focal Adhesions in Cell Migration

This research is an independent project conducted under the supervision of Professor Lee from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The objective of this research was to optimize the original vU-net framework for analyzing focal adhesions.

Socially Assistive Robots: An Emerging Technology for Treating Autism

Researched the impact of assistive technologies in our society and how social robots can be key to removing social barriers. Published to Dartmouth Journal of Science 2018 Winter Edition: pp 33-34

An IoT-based Fine Dust Monitoring System

This research aimed to integrate IoT and device technologies to tackle the environmental problem of fine dust levels for the community. Earlier version published to IEEE MDM Conference 2017.


IoT Smart Camera System

This IoT-based system integrates the Google Smart Home and Amazon Web Service Platform to enable voice control over user camera functionalities, such as streaming video to your Chromecast.

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KISTickets Mobile App

This ticketing application designed natively for both iOS and Android allows users to reserve tickets at the school theater and notifies users about upcoming school entertainment or events.

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Fine Dust Monitor

The Fine Dust Monitoring System uses AWS IoT to send SNS notifications in case of high concentrations of fine dust in the area. The system includes an entire network of devices providing real time data.

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NY Genome Center

  • Machine learning in genomics at Knowles Lab
  • Deep learning-based prediction of splicing patterns from genomic sequence
  • Deep generative modeling of single-cell expression data

UCLA Health


  • Bioinformatics Intern
  • Implemented data pipeline to map BED regions to flow cell clusters and cycles
  • Performed unsupervised ML (t-SNE) analysis on primary data using SciKit Learn

Parallel Systems

  • Developed real-time data processing and multithreaded applications for fleet management in Rust
  • Integrated serverless AWS vehicle telemetry backend to fleet management


Updates along the way, some reflections on personal experiencesx`.

My journey to pursuing a PhD in Computer Science

NSF GRFP Fellow, Columbia CS PhD Candidate

An overview of my path to pursuing a Computer Science PhD: harnessing the unprecedented scalability and precision of computational methods to develop quantitative solutions in biomedicine.

Backpacking in Eastern Europe

Witnessing the societal and cultural effects of the Cold War on Eastern Europe (while enjoying some escape rooms).

Miral Welfare Foundation

First Violinist, Pathway String Quintet

An inspiration for my passion for assistive technologies

My Bioinformatics Journey

B.I.G Summer Institute 2019

An insight into my exploration of bioinformatics, an emerging field that represents the potential of interdisciplinary research.

Things Fall Apart Analysis

Literary Video Analysis

An in-depth analysis of the novel by Chinua Achebe, examining the commentary on post-colonialism and representation of African culture.

Transdisciplinary Presentation

The Physics of Music, the intertwining of my passions

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

Comparative Literary Analysis

The Dread of Approaching the Meaningless End: analyzing Hemingway's exploration of nihilism.